Pro-ISIS Group Hacks US Military’s Twitter, YouTube Accounts

ISIS2The United States Central Command’s Twitter and YouTube accounts were hacked by a pro-ISIS group on Monday.

The accounts have been temporarily suspended, and investigations are currently ongoing, according to a statement released by the U.S. Central Command.

The pro-ISIS group first posted a warning to the US military on its twitter account, saying, “AMERICAN SOLDIERS, WE ARE COMING, WATCH YOUR BACK. ISIS.”

Following the warning message, a series of tweets purportedly written by ISIS, were published, along with links to Pentagon documents containing the contact information of some US military officers.

The YouTube page of the command was also hacked, and ISIS propaganda videos were uploaded.

In a statement issued today, the US Central Command said, “Early today, U.S. Central Command’s twitter and YouTube sites were compromised for approximately 30 minutes. These sites reside on commercial, non-Defense Department servers and both sites have been temporarily taken off line while we look into the incident further.”

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