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Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Photo

The Fault Is In Our Stars

The Fault Is In Our Stars

The despoliation of the African continent did not start with the people from the most populous country in the world, China. It certainly did not just find expression in times as recent as the last millennium. Indeed, the exploitation to which Africa has regularly found itself is a tragedy, which is not modern just as

Mozambique and Zimbabwe Cyclone Attack

100 Killed in Mozambique and Zimbabwe Cyclone Attack

Over 100 people have died and many more are missing in Mozambique and neighbouring Zimbabwe following a tropical cyclone attack on Sunday. Report confirmed by a lawmaker named Chimanimani in Zimbabwe that the toll there had risen to 65 in the east of the country, while Mozambique indicated that 48 people were killed in affected

Zimbabwe Government Imposes Total Internet Shutdown

A total internet shutdown has been imposed in Zimbabwe. A major network provider announced this to its customers, after protests triggered a ruthless security crackdown earlier this week. The country’s biggest service provider, Econet, sent a text message to its customers informing them of a directive served to them by the authorities: “We were served

Yahya Jammeh

Gambian President Gets New Title

The Gambia’s long-serving President Yahya Jammeh has had the title of Babili Mansa added to his name. The Mandika-language phrase can be translated as “chief bridge builder” or “conqueror of rivers.” A statement from the presidency said Jammeh should now be known as “His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh Babili Mansa.” He

South Africa: Zulu King Pleads For Calm

Following the increasing xenophobic attacks on foreigners in South Africa, Zulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini, has appealed for calm. The King had been accused of fueling the attacks, which have killed at least seven people, after saying foreigners should “go back to their countries.” More than 300 people have been arrested in the unrest. Thousands packed

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