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Our Husband, The Abuser!

Our Husband, The Abuser!

Our Husband, The Abuser!

You remember that time we became the butt of jokes in the sub-region? The time people offshore saw affliction in our new found head, and made that their business; howling that our beloved leader was spent? It would not have warranted a recall, if at home we were not made to pay for the unkind

The Chrisland Saga: A Case for the Minors

It is a welcome development that the Lagos State government and the police are taking more than a passing interest in the unfortunate sex scandal involving some pupils of Chrisland School, Lagos. The debate so far has centered on whether the girl in the midst of the affected pupils was raped or not. That, though

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The Trouble with Our E-learning

Corona virus is a bastard. It threw the world into an emergency, minified otherwise powerful leaders and put the economy of great and small nations in shambles. But it did more than that. The pandemic, otherwise known as Covid-19, also threatens the future of our children. Children who are thrown out of school are uncertain

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A Virus And Its Victims

We get the news from other lands everyday about the tragic deaths from coronavirus. We have almost exhausted the safety measures copied from those places. Yes, the deaths in our domain have not hit the roof, but we have lost people too, at home and abroad. They are not the only victims of the virus.

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