Kasapreko Set to Produce Non-alcoholic Herbal Drinks

Kasapreko Company Limited, producers of Alomo Bitters and other herbal drinks based in Accra, Ghana, would soon begin the production of non-alcoholic drinks.

Kwabena Adjei, group chairman of the company, disclosed that the soft drinks will not just be any ordinary drinks but one that will heal people who are suffering from prostate cancer among other diseases.

“We have acquired land for cassava cultivation in the Volta, which will be used to produce drinks and biscuit. I decided to make something different in the liquor industry, hence the use of herbs and plants that are potent. Herbs are green gold because they have so many uses for human,” Adjei said.

Founded in 1989 in Nungua, a suburb of Accra, Ghana with one brand, Kasapreko now brew about 15 herbal drinks from its stable and that is in response to the growing demand for good-quality herbal drinks that are still within the means of the average people.

“Our vision differed from that of other alcoholic drink manufacturers, in that we identified the increasing sophistication of the consumer. High expectations in terms of taste, quality, safety and packaging meant that our consumer was spending more on foreign imports that met their aspiration. This was the mass niche that Kasapreko Company set out to serve,” he added.


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