Terrorism: Syria Accuses US of Double Standard

Walid Al-Moualem, Syria’s Deputy Prime Minister, has accused the United States of America, USA, of double standards in the fight against global terrorism.

While making the accusation during a debate in New York on Tuesday, Al-Moualem said the US had used alliances in the fight against terrorism to achieve political gains.
“What we see on the part of the US administration is a double standard policy and alliances to score certain political agendas, particularly through supporting with money, weapons and training of groups they call moderate. This is a real recipe for the increase of violence and terrorism, shedding of Syrian blood, prolonging of the Syrian crisis and demolishing of the political solution at its basis,” he said.

Al-Moualem, who stressed that the fight against terrorism is achievable through implementations of resolutions and military strikes, urged stakeholders to drain the resources at the disposal of terrorists.

“Fighting terrorism is achievable through actual implementation of resolutions, and it is certainly possible through military strikes. We have also to drain the resources of terrorism. Striking terrorism militarily while some states are continuing their support of terrorist groups, this will create a whirlpool of which the international community will not exit in decades,” he added.

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