Amnesty’s Report Ludicrous – Security Expert

Report released by Amnesty international claiming that Nigerian armed forces usually torture innocent people in its fight against insurgency has been said to be ludicrous by Ona Ekhomu, a security expert.

This was disclosed at the 60th annual seminar and exhibits of the American society for industrial security. Ekhomu told the United States government to conduct an independent verification of the allegations, explaining further that the US had not been supplying ammunition to Nigeria because of the allegation, which is a contravention of the provisions of the Leahy act. “ Allegations of human rights abuses leveled against the Nigerian military by Amnesty International were untrue, exaggerated and unsubstantiated.

Arms sales to Nigeria were being denied by the US government as per provisions of the Leahy Act on the basis of these unsubstantiated and unfortunate allegations,” he said. He called on the US to sell arms and ammunition to the Federal Government to enable speedy and successful prosecution of the war against Boko Haram. “Nigeria needs special anti-terrorist rifles, attack helicopters, technical intelligence and training from the Americans in order to expedite defeat of the enemy,” he said. He described the Nigerian military as disciplined and focused.

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