What I Would Like to Be Remembered For.. – Kesington Adebutu ( Baba Ijebu)

Kesington Adebutu ( Baba Ijebu)

Kesington Adebutu ( Baba Ijebu)

His name, Kesington Adebutu is a not as popular as the sobriquet, Baba Ijebu. Adebutu is the chairman of Premier Lotto Limited and Kesington Adebukunola Adebutu Foundation KAAF. In this interview, he speaks about his forthcoming 80th birthday, his life and pool business in the country.


How significant is the 80th birthday to you?

For any person to attain the age, especially in a country of ours, it must be by the grace of God. For that it is very significant to me.

At 80, what is your advice for the youths, what do you want the younger ones to learn from you?

The younger ones should learn to crawl before they walk. Nowadays, the younger ones are too fast and it will not do them any good. I was not born with silver spoon and I have seen and experienced bitter life, sweet life and I believe that is how it should be. But the Nigerian youths want it sweet all their lives and this is not correct.

You are a renowned philanthropist who has extended kind gestures to many people in the society. Can you give us an insight into what drives you on?

Some people work harder than me and yet they are not getting anything close from the reward I am coming from God. In my mind, I believe the best way I can show appreciation to God is by giving back to the society, especially the less-privileged. That is what I am doing.

At what age did you become a fulfilled man?

Honestly, I cannot say I became a fulfilled man at one age or the other. But `, is a good name. Because I good name is better than riches. Money, you spend it and that is the end. That is my ambition.

What actually prompted you to go into Lotto business?

If you look at my history, all my life, my main business is gaming. I started with pools promotion and before I entered into the business, the business was dominated by the Lebanese and more often, they put up that attitude that it was a business exclusively meant for them. I believed that was a big challenge and I made up my mind to venture into the business. I started Face-to-Face Million Dollar Pool. I really gave them a very tough competition and at the end, Face-to-Face became a household name. Lotto then, was also very popular with the Ghanian,I can say that Lotto business originated from Ghana and up till today, many Lotto companies still rely on Ghanaian games, but at Premier Lotto, we have our own games. But unfortunately in this country, when you are in business and you are doing well, everyone runs to that business and it is very sad today, pool business now has been virtually ruined because of the mad competition. For instance, if a new company comes up today, they want to depend on the existing agents and they believe the only way they can snatch the existing agents from the existing promoters is to increase commission, and I can tell you today that the commission pool is up to 50 per cent. Which company in Nigeria is paying such percentage on any product as commission? I am saying this emphatically; pool business is no longer a good business.

Has there been any regret in your life?

I don’t have any regret. Whatever comes my way, I take it as a Christian, because the Bible says whatever position you find yourself, praise God.

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