What Your Valentine Flower Says

Feel love in the air? Well, it’s yet another season for the celebration of love. February 14, St. Valentine’s Day is here once again and it is the day set aside for the celebration of love.

The day is celebrated in many countries across the globe and it is often done with colours red and pink being one of the most dominant.

For most people, the very thought of St. Valentine’s Day often evoke thoughts of love-shaped boxes of chocolates, romantic dinner and other gifts like expensive jewelry.

But there are yet those for whom St. Valentine’s Day is all about flowers. For such persons, flowers are used to convey emotions and thoughts. So if you are wondering what flower to give that special someone on St. Valentine’s Day and what meanings it would convey.

Here, we introduce to you, 10 different types of flowers and the meanings they convey should you choose to give them to your special one this season of love:


Roses have been used to express a variety of emotions for hundreds of years – from affection to friendship, gratitude, respect and courage. And they come in varieties.

Red roses are sent as a romantic gesture to say ‘I Love You’ to someone special, while cheery yellow buds are no exception cause they represent friendship and an expression of joy or gratitude.


This is also known as carnations flower. Like many other flowers, different messages can be expressed with this flower depending on the different colour varieties. For instance, light red carnations are often used to convey admiration, while the dark red version expresses deeper sentiments of love and affection and the white carnations are associated with purity.


This flower represents love, beauty, refinement and strength.This lovely blossom Orchids are world renowned for their elegance and classy appeal. The flower’s quality is rare because no other flower holds more of this specific quality. It’s Pinkish nature is known for its charm and warmth, probably that’s the reason why it’s widely chosen as the ideal flower for any elegant woman to appreciate.


Royalty, that’s the best word to describe what this flower symbolises. This lovely bloom, Iris which means rainbow, talks about the various colours of love which comes in many variants such as blue and purple, white and yellow, pink and orange, brown and red, and even black.


Otherwise known as amazon lily, the flower is very elegant and charming. This flower is usually of white colour and by its form reminds one of an umbrella which symbolises protection. This can easily mean that you love and want to protect the special person you give it to.


This has to do with perfect love of man and wife,and it is one of the most important buds in the world. Tulips convey oneness, faithfulness and love and it is a very perfect Valentine gift for a wife.


This rare blossom gets its name from the variety of birds which love mistletoe including the Mistle. Many people see it as an aphrodisiac symbol of love.


The bright yellow buds represents happiness and is available mostly at summer time. Just like the sun, it symbolises brightness and openness to love.


Is that delicate white creamy petals that symbolises purity with a very romantic history. It has the sweetest fragrance among all the flower in the same class with it. It comes highly recommended for St. Valentine’s Day.


This early bloomer is highly recommended for the newly weds. It symbolises, a bond or tie of friendship and represents warmth and happiness in this season of love.

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