Use Your Votes to Install Capable, Responsible Leadership, Okunbo to Edo People, As He Calls for Violence-Free Election

Business mogul and prominent Edo son, Idahosa Wells Okunbo, has sent a message of hope to the people of Edo State ahead of the September 19, 2020 governorship election in the state, admonishing them to use their votes to enthrone a “capable and responsible leadership”. Okunbo also charged them to ensure a hitch-free election next month, stressing that a violence-free and fair election is the least the state is owed by her citizens.

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Speaking in his office in Abuja on Tuesday, the chairman of Ocean Marines Solutions was convinced that an Edo State of the dreams of all its citizens is possible. Asserting that the only home he knows and will always cherish is Edo State, Okunbo declared that “I love my State and would always advocate for its progress which can only be guaranteed by capable and responsible leadership, and that is what I want Edo citizens to realize, and ensure they use their votes to actualize this feature come September 19th 2020”.

Reiterating his utmost desire to retire home one day and enjoy the special delicacy his grandmother raised him with, Okunbo stated that “I would like to eat roasted yam with palm oil, which was the delicacy my grandmother brought me up with. Then I can tie my wrapper and go to the palace and make my king laugh”.

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Reflecting on recent attacks on his person by those he described as “disgruntled elements”, Okunbo, a retired commercial pilot fondly called Captain Hosa, said he had chosen to rise above the fray and remain a father to all. According to him, as a father to all, he would not be bandying words with those he is supposed to be leading.

“I am like a city set on the mountain which cannot be hidden, and which will always attract admirers as well as some foes. This is natural; therefore, you cannot be caught in the gutters, deliberating gutter discussions for any reason. By God’s grace, I am above that. This is no grandstanding but a reflection of my person.

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“Like I made mention last week, I reiterate yet again that we ensure to change the mindset of our teeming youths from negativism to positivism. And there is no way we can achieve that in an atmosphere of rancour and acrimony. In all sincerity, some of us have chosen to rise above these hurdles and build a nation, rather than destroying it!” the billionaire businessman submitted.

Idahosa Wells Okunbo Photo
Idahosa Wells Okunbo

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