PSG signs Lionel Messi for $35 million

The marriage between Lionel Messi and Fc Barcelona is now over. That is the club that brought him to limelight, and to which he has also paid his dues. He was barely a teenager when he joined the club and rising to become one of the world’s best players. He is also one of the most expensive players, earning an estimated $10 million per month.

Ultimately, the partnership between Messi and Barca ended because of money. The club said keeping the player will mean spending more than 110 percent of its revenue on salary which will violate financial rule in the Spanish league.

He is now likely to join Paris Saint Germane, PSG. There, he will be playing along side big names like Neymar, Mbape and Sargio Ramos.

Messi Joined Barca at the age of 13. Ever since, he has won 35 titles and setting the records of 682 goals in the club and has been crowned the world’s best player 6 times.

Messi had agreed to a pay cut but Fc Barca still can not make it work. They say because of salary cap rule in the Spanish League. Messi is currently the most sort after free agent in history. PSG, one of the clubs that can afford him as agreed to sign him for $35 million a season as he arrived Paris, France for signing the agreement on Tuesday.

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