Nigerians Discredit Amnesty’s Report


Barristers Aham Njoku, Wale Ogunade and Sonnie Ekwowusi

Since Amnesty International accused the Nigerian Army of crimes against humanity and the subsequent submission of its finding to President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday, 3 June 2015, the issue has continued to generate controversies among Nigerians.

The latest is coming from a group of 100 legal experts and members of Nollywood at a press conference held in Genesis Hotel, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, on Wednesday June 10, 2015.

Represented by Barristers Aham Njoku, Wale Ogunade and Sonnie Ekwowusi, the group denounced the report as unfounded and lacking in merit.

The group cited reasons the report should be discredited by all Nigerians to include what it described as its ethnic undertone, the demoralization of the armed forces and Amnesty International’s refusal to indict the United States’ Army despite its widespread abuse and use of drones to decimate civilian populations in Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan.

The group also maintained that Amnesty International is simply playing to the gallery and trying to justify the funds it receives from international agencies.

Njoku and his colleagues therefore called on Buhari to ignore the report as heeding the call by Amnesty would demoralize the Nigerian soldiers on the battlefield.

They also insisted that the ICC, to the best of their knowledge, is anti-African and racist as it turns a blind eye to atrocities committed by Western nations while calling for the heads of African leaders and armies.

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