Group Drags Buhari To ICC

A human rights group, the Northern Coalition for Democracy and Justice NCDJ, on Monday, urged the International Criminal Court, ICC, to bring charges against Muhammadu Buhari, for post-election violence in 2011.

In a statement released on Monday, the group said that Buhari should face justice over the violence, which claimed 800 lives and destroyed many churches and schools.

The NCDJ alleged that the violence included murder, torture and rape purposely directed at perceived non-supporters of Buhari.

The NCDJ had previously referred Buhari to the ICC in 2011, but said it decided to submit more evidence after the former military ruler emerged as the main candidate for February 2015 presidential elections.

“We have a lot of very strong evidences we are submitting to the prosecutor,” said Goran Sluiter, a Dutch law professor acting for the NCDJ.

He added that the group wanted to ensure that Buhari did not escape justice by winning political office.

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