Boko Haram kills Another 16 in Yobe

Boko Haram kills another 16 in YobeSmarting under aggressive military routing the Boko Haram insurgents continue to hit at soft targets in different places in Yobe state. Early today the insurgent group has been fingered behind the explosions in Damaturu, capital of Yobe resulting in the death of 16 persons. The explosions said to have hit high-density areas including a housing estate also left no fewer than 10 people injured. Out of the 10 three are said to be in critical condition. The explosions were reported simultaneously, giving impression that they were deliberately coordinated.
The explosions are coming shortly after the military repelled an attack by the Boko Haram operatives on a military formation in the state. Though the Army headquarters in a statement said it lost seven soldiers in the shoot out, it also reported the killing of 100 insurgents in the encounter.
The insurgents appear to be fighting back at the efforts of the military, which has increased the heat on them. For instance, Defence headquarters announced the arrest in Borno state of three Boko Haram collaborators. This information is coming hours after the arrest of one financial of the insurgent group.
The attack today in Yobe comes after similar tragic explosions in Abuja last Friday.

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