Rivers Covid-19 Workers Protest Non-Payment of Allowances

Rivers State COVID-19 Task Force Photo
Rivers State COVID-19 Task Force

Members of the Rivers State COVID-19 Task Force have lamented the non-payments of their allowances for six months now.

The task force members who took their protests to Government House, Port Harcourt said they had stopped work for nearly two months because of the non-payment of their allowances, and this had truncated the enforcement of COVID-19 protocols in buses and taxis and public places in Port Harcourt.

“I have not paid my landlord. My landlord wants to throw me out of his house. I am a graduate. The only work I have got in my entire life is Rivers State Covid-19 task force job. And for six months now, I have not been paid. I want well-meaning Nigerians to talk to the governor of Rivers State to pay us our salaries,” said one of the protesters, who declined to give his names.

Another member of the task force said, “We have stopped work for about one to two months now because we cannot be going to work and when we have not been paid.

“The governor should pay us so that we will go back to the street to enforce the protocols. Most of the buses and taxis are carrying above the approve number of passengers simply because the task force is not there.”

The task force was inaugurated in March 2020 to enforce the COVID-19 protocols. The state government might need the services of the task force now there is a second wave of COVID-19 that presented a situation for strict compliance with COVID-19 protocols.

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