‘Nollywood Needs Financial Investment’ – Okechukwu (O.C) Ukeje

How does it feel being nominated for the Nollywood Movies Award 2014?

I was nominated as lead male actor for “Confusion nawa.” It is always good to be in the competition when they talk about how good it is and I think it is important that even though I think that my career has not been that long,I have been impressible enough in the short time that I have been in the industry which is really good for me. So I am very honored to be nominated again this year.

Nollywood is booming, what do you think about this?

I don’t know we are booming as much as I will like us to boom.What we didn’t have then was the quality of work that people wanted to see. What we are having now is that the quality is getting better but we will still need commercial investments that will make the business as strong as what Hollywood is today. So the good thing is that we are changing the quality of films and we are not arguing about what the quality of the films are anymore but we still need the investment. Moreso, the social media is making it easy for people to have access to our work on the Internet and online platforms as well. We are glad that the stories are changing in terms of quality we are just hoping that financial investment improves.

What do you do apart from acting?

Well, I am an unrecorded musical artist. I haven’t explored that part of me just yet because I found out that it is important for me to go through the process of establishing my self as an actor and then deciding what kind of music I want to do.

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