Joe Biden Takes Office as 46th US President (Video)

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Photo
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Photo

Joe Biden, candidate of the Democratic party who won the November 2020 election in the United States has been sworn in at a colourful ceremony in Washington DC. The inauguration ceremony came amidst concern for security following the refusal of the former president, Donald Trump to accept defeat even after all the hurdles had been cleared by Biden.

In fact, Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives for instigating the attack on the Capitol by people who were there to protest alleged manipulation of the votes and disrupt the process of ratifying the election of Biden. The protesters damaged the Capitol building defiling the offices of some notable legislators they believed would vote to approve the results.

Trump, though later denied support for the attack, refused to follow the age long tradition of being present at the epoch event. He left office earlier in the day for Florida. But Mike Pence who was vice president in his administration attended the ceremony.

Trump unsuccessfully urged Pence to use his supervisory position of the Senate to step down the ratification of Biden’s victory. There were also former presidents like Bill Clinton and his wife, George Bush and Barack Obama and his wife.

The 46th president served for eight years as vice president in the administration of Obama, son of an immigrant American, and interestingly like Kamala Harris, the new vice president.

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