BOLFYNG Launches e-Procurement Solution 

To bridge the vast gap between stakeholders involved in the process of tendering and contract bidding, Bids Online For You Limited, BOLFYNG, has launched an electronic procurement solution platform.

Yinka Sorinwa, business development director of the company, explained that the platform provides web based portal that enables purchasing organisations to manage and streamline procurement processes from bid creation to bid publishing, pre qualification, bid submission and evaluation, document distribution and management, instant tender notification and interested bidders.

Sorinwa, who spoke during a news conference in Lagos, added that the online portal connect suppliers providing various goods and services to purchasing organisations from government at all levels and firms across education, engineering, banking, construction, healthcare sectors in Nigeria and beyond.

“Our main objective in BOLFYNG is to provide a platform where up-to-date information is made available to end users with the aim of becoming the most used and frequently visited web portal for bid publishing, e-pre qualification and e-bidding,” he stated.

With Sorinwa’s analysis, the traditional manual process of procurement is now obsolete because it makes bid tendering and application process very slow, frustrating and time consuming with very tedious process for payment and bid document pick up.

“Many advanced countries have replaced this with e-procurement and this solution is what BOLFYNG offers. Purchasers and suppliers can now undertake the procurement process with ease by signing up to It is of no benefit to both the suppliers and purchasers to go through so much stress before negotiations or business can be conducted,” BOLFYNG’s boss noted.

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