Atiku Set to Win Presidency, Form Government in 2023 – Aniagwu, Blames PDP crisis on personal ambition by certain leaders, not nomination of VP candidate

Atiku Abubakar

Delta State Commissioner for Information, Charles Aniagwu, says the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP’s presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, is set to win the 2023 general election and form the next government. Aniagwu says about the crisis rocking the major opposition party, that though a whole lot of issues have been raised, “one beautiful thing about this whole thing is that nobody can quote Atiku Abubakar to have said or uttered any word attacking or disagreeing with anyone. He said Atiku had continued to pursue peace, both in countenance, and actions, “even in the face of very, very glaring provocations”.

Speaking on African Independent Television, AIT on Monday night, Aniagwu said the PDP presidential hopeful was in a hurry to get Nigeria working again and restore hope to the citizenry, stressing that most Nigerians were looking up to the PDP to rescue the country from its present comatose state. He accused the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, of failing in their campaign promises, and lying about their achievements.

“According to him, one of the greatest sins that APC has committed is not just their inability to deliver on a number of their promises, particularly insecurity and economy, but also lying about the efforts they are putting in. I listened to what they said; that banditry, terrorism, and kidnapping is a thing of the past. I pray that it is so. We want to be optimistic, and I would want them to perform. You recall that when Buhari won election, I said that I will join them in praying for Buhari because if Buhari succeeds, all of us have succeeded.

“His success means the success of all of us, and the failure of Buhari means the sufferings of Nigerians, and that you have already seen. So, that’s the more reason why most Nigerians are optimistic that the PDP is that party that would be able to make the difference,” He said Nigerians were not interested in any drama but how to get the country working again for their good, and urged leaders to bury their hatchet in the interest of the nation.

“If you ask every Nigerian today, they are not interested in any drama. Nigerians want to have jobs; they want electricity to work, and the economy to come up. Nigerians want insecurity to stop; they want a country that is very, very united and not divided. Any other thing you are doing outside that means that you don’t care enough. You cannot have a big elephant on your head and be using your leg to dig for cricket. The big elephant on our head is that our country is at the precipice on account of the mismanagement of our diversity by the APC, and that is the most important thing for anybody who thinks well of this country.

“What is paramount is how to rescue our country; so when people begin to talk about equity, you must be able to ask yourself what is this their definition of equity? The best equity we can have now is to first of all win election and begin to think of how we can bring our country out of where we are now, and not to think of what are they going to share to you. If anybody wants to fight for Nigeria now, what is important is to join Atiku along the line of bringing policies and programmes that will rescue our country, and not to begin to put up certain issues.

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