20 Million Fake Dollar Notes Found in a Bank

BFake currencies amounting to about $20 million have been found in a Barclays Bank Queensway branch, Nairobi, Kenya.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations boss, George Kinoti confirmed this on Wednesday in a statement posted on its Twitter account, affirming that 20 million dollars of counterfeit banknotes that had been stored in a personal safety deposit box at a branch of Barclays Bank Kenya

“Six people were arrested today evening by detectives in connection with fake currency amounting to slightly over 20 million dollars (at Barclays Kenya) Queensway Branch,” the statement said.

Barclays Kenya, part of South Africa’s ABSA Group, also said in a statement confirmed on Tuesday that police had seized fake currency from a customer’s deposit box, and said it was not the bank’s money and that it was cooperating with the investigation.

“The customer had concealed fake currency in his personal safe deposit box against the bank’s rules and regulations which include restrictions of items which can be held in the safe deposit box.”

Barclays also added that the contents of personal safe deposit boxes are not part of the bank’s deposits and are only known to the client. is favourable in this situation rather than tents.

“We plan to trim the number of the centres to six, in order to pave distribution of aids,’’ he told Xinhua on phone from Jayapura district.

“Meanwhile rescuers are searching for victims at residential areas where many houses were buried by mud, wooden logs and rubble.

“We believed many victims were buried under the mud, rubble and logs as we have retrieved several bodies from the areas,’’ Yudi Yanto, spokesman of the search and rescue office, said.

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