Large Turnout, Late Arrival of Materials in Polling Units

There was large turnout of voters; and they came on time for the Presidential and National Assembly elections of February 23, but voting commenced very late in most polling stations within the Ifako Ijaye council area of Lagos.

This lapse calls for concern in an election that was scheduled to last for six hours – 8 a.m to 2 p.m.

Besides, it takes electoral officials almost one hour to arrange their electoral materials.

To make up for the time lost to late arrival of material and setting up of their stands, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, directed that its officials should extend voting time by two hours at polling units that were affected.

The process was peaceful and orderly. At Toyin Unit 025, Ward H, the process was smooth and orderly, as electoral officials seemed to be well trained as they observed most rules guiding the electoral process.

Going by the rules of the electoral commission, voters in this unit observed the distance rule, which is very mandatory when conducting   free and fair elections. 

Nearly all voters were not complying with the distance rule in other units. At Temple Road Unit 061 Ward H3, voters did not give electoral officials any breathing space. But largely, there was compliance with the rule of not taking photographs at the polling area.

After casting their ballots, voters in Unit 059 Ward H and others sat back calmly to see their votes counted

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