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Taming the Cancer Monster

Taming the Cancer Monster

Medical experts appear to have found the trigger of breast cancer and why it spreads quite fast in women, raising hopes that the world may soon tame the killer disease  It is one disease that kills at least 100,000 women every year. Out of this figure, Nigerian women account for about 11,000 deaths annually. And

Nigerians spend $200m annually on Cancer Treatment abroad

Experts have said that Nigerians spend $200 million annually on cancer treatment abroad. This was disclosed in a press conference organized by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy, CECP, in Nigeria and Association of Advertising Agencies in Nigeria to mark the World Cancer Day, WCD, on February 4, 2015. The event, which was held at CVL,

Health Benefits of Tomatoes

It is a fruit. But it is also often misclassified as a form of vegetable. But whatever it is called, tomato which sometimes doesn’t appeal to some people in their meals has a whole lot of health benefits. Recent research outcomes have indicated that tomato, which contains vitamins, helps improve eyesight as well as prevent

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