Gwen Stefani Gets Protection Against Fan


Gwen Stefani, American singer has received a 3-year restraining order against Richard Portnoy, an obsessed fan, who threatened to kill himself because he couldn’t bear looking at photos showing her tripping.

Stefani who is also an actress, said Portnoy has done a lot more to scare and annoy her.

The guy who showed up recently at her acupuncturist’s office to catch her walking in, had shown up at her home on numerous occasions.

Portnoy, who is said to be rich and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, would allegedly come bearing gifts, such as flowers and candy. He also allegedly wrote Stefani a letter offering to essentially rescue her from her supposedly unhappy life.

According to the court declarations, during one of Portnoy’s unwelcome visits to Stefani’s home, he told the singer’s father that he had seen photos of Stefani appearing to trip, and if she had injured herself, he would not be able to go on living.

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