Groom Arrested At Wedding

A certain Mr. Wang Liu, in China, has been arrested by the police for pulling a stunt on his wedding day. The police came for him just as he was counting the minutes for his wife to be handed over for him to take home.

Yet his crime is not known to any law. But his in-laws to be felt shortchanged by Mr. Liu who was arrested on allegation of renting guests as family members to his wedding. He almost pulled through with his stunt, but for the failure of his parents to show up at the event. Now the cat was let out of the bag when in discussions with his guests, who were supposed to be family members, the bride’s relatives discovered that many st of them drew blank. Instead, they claimed to be “just friends “. The guests later told a local television station that they were each paid 80 yuan ( the equivalent of $12 or N3,6660).

So why did he have to rent a crowd for his wedding? It is said that his in-laws had expressed reservations over his poor background, thus goading him to hire his crowd rather than expose his family members to ridicule. The failure of his parents to appear at the event suggests that they too are opposed to his method.

Groom Arrested At Wedding

However, the surprising thing about his method is that if he was able to muster the fund (about $2,400 or N732,000) to hire the crowd of 200 people, why did he not spend the sum to prop up some of his family members to be presentable enough for the wedding?

Rather than family members, some of the rented guests claim to be drivers or students, who Mr. Liu approached online. The police may have to probe into his reason for the stunt. But will he be charged for the stunt? Will he be denied his love by the estranged family?

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