How Falcao Trained Parrot to Celebrate His Goals

Radamel Falcao, the Columbian striker who plays for Manchester United Football Club, is known to be lethal in front of the goal. He must also enjoy cheers and applauds from his fans in different parts of the world.

But that apparently is limited to the human population. So, would it be a bad idea if he gets cheers from animals too? Well Falcao does not think so. He has therefore decided to train his parrot to celebrate him when he scores a goal.

The chatty bird, which he nicknamed Coco, has been taught to squawk goal ‘Goal de Falcao’ whenever Falcao finds the back of the net.

With that training, Coco, who watches with Falcao’s wife whenever he plays for Manchester United, now celebrates with other fans on the pitch, each time the striker scores.

Lorelei Taron, Falcao’s wife, also said Coco has been trained to say some other interesting things.

“My parrot Coco says ‘Goal from Falcao’, ‘great goal’ and more,” Taron said.

And coincidentally, the parrot’s green and yellow colours match the original colours of Manchester United when the club was called Newton Heath.

It is hoped that Coco will not cause any animosity between Falcao and any of his neighbors, who support Manchester City, generally considered as Manchester United’s archrivals and who are also referred to as noisy neighbors.

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