Privatisation’s Swan Song

TELL Cover page

TELL Cover page

One tires of the insipid froth in defence of a crooked plot gone awry, specifically the Nigerian privatisation fiasco. The foreign marketers of the product have since quietly stopped the barn-storming crusade from Washington, but not the insecure middlemen in Nigeria, who are still waddling in their tomfoolery. I exposed long ago that the World Bank/IMF rued SAP and covered their failure with silence. Africans paid dearly for that misadventure.

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Privatisation of government businesses failed everywhere it visited, Nigeria and Britain no exception, leaving social, economic and political instability as its harvest.

The Nigeria Airways was a successful airline that acquired a lot of assets from its operations. It once owned almost half of old Ikeja town and swamped its other operational bases in Nigeria and abroad with facilities only the successful could buy.

The airline owned many high-rise buildings of social and commercial value, recreational centres and what have you.

It ran a first-rate football club and other social and economic businesses until meddlers called at its gates in the 1980s with a new-fangled religion branded as privatisation and commercialisation. It had always been a commercial concern, yet the song from Washington rendered through Olu Falae deafened the horizon. The people never received that cacophony of disorganisation and second slavery, except the leadership…

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