Train Crushes Man with Earphones

An unidentified young man, who had earphones plucked on, was yesterday killed by a passenger train at Cappa area of Oshodi, Lagos.

He was reportedly standing on the rail tracks when he got knocked off by the train. Reports said the Ogun-bound mass transit train was leaving its Oshodi station to Mushin, when the accident occurred.

The train had, as usual, sounded its horn repeatedly as it was approaching the railway crossing at Ilupeju by-pass for clearance of its tracks.

According to an eyewitness, the boy who had his earphones on was apparently carried away with either a call or music.

“Obviously, the man was not aware of the approaching train even as it blasted its horn, perhaps because of the earphones. Before he knew it, he was already hit by the train

without a chance to escape. Immediately he was hit, the body was mangled as the train dragged it along,” an eyewitness said.

Earphones use had also led to the death, on rail tracks, of a lady in 2006 at Shogunle GRA railway crossing, Lagos while another one was killed in 2007 at Oshodi.

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