Nepal Earthquake Death Toll Hits 3,600

Two days after it struck, the casualties in the Nepal earthquake have risen to 3,617.  Aside from that, over 6,500 people have been confirmed injured. Even then, officials have warned that the casualty rate could go up, even as rescue teams reach remote mountainous areas of western Nepal.
The massive earthquake measuring 7.8 magnitudes was first reported by police authorities on Saturday.  Dozens of people are also said to have been killed in neighbouring China and India.
That, however, is not to say that there were no lucky people in the affected area. For instance, over 200 climbers were rescued around Mount Everest, which was struck by deadly avalanches in the 7.8-magnitude quake.
Vast tent cities have sprung up in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, for those displaced or afraid to return to their homes as strong aftershocks continued. Thousands spent Sunday night outside.
Reports also suggest that many communities, especially those close to mountainsides, suffered significant quake damage.
“Villages like this are routinely affected by landslides, and it’s not uncommon for entire villages of 200, 300, up to 1,000 people to be completely buried by rock falls,” said Matt Darvas, spokesman for aid agency World Vision.

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