We Need to Step Up Our Modus Operandi

Fems Alabo – Ekowe, Bayelsa State.

I refer to your cover story, Boko Haram: Why The War Drags On, TELL September 1, 2014. The security forces have a herculean task ahead of them and they should not play politics with this issue because we are in this together; it affects all of us whether you are from the North, West, East or southern part of the country. What befalls the North befalls the South as well. Nigeria is fast becoming the Middle East of Africa. Moving from one city to the other for whatever reason has become a horror. In our own land, we live like some domestic animals trying to make ends meet in the wild forest. This sabotages our development.

Personally, I believe the country needs external intervention to help curb this menace. What is required at this point is sophistication and expertise on the part of the government and security operatives. While the men in uniform have the task of doing the field work to get this issue under control, President Goodluck Jonathan must always remind himself of the fact that the buck stops at his desk, knowing that this singular issue has the capacity to make or mar his administration and put the country on a different path. Nigeria must not be allowed to go back to the Hobbesian State of Nature where life is solitary, poor nasty, brutish and short.


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