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President Muhammadu Buhari swore to uphold the constitution and laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria last May 29. On that same day he made a covenant with Nigerians to fight corruption and improve their living conditions. Buhari has not spent 100 days in office. Can any person point, so far, to any infraction of his administration that is in breach of the constitution and laws of Nigeria? Is it odd for state institutions to perform their normal functions without hindrance? What then do these busy bodies, these self-styled peace makers, infer by talking of the rule of law when there have been no proofs of Buhari by action or inaction ordering any Nigerian to be denied of their rights?usvisit3

This Abdulsalami Abubakar crowd is insulting Buhari and not advising him by giving the impression that the President violates rights and also is given to injustice. What brand of troubleshooters thou art? One is not surprised because in the crowd are elements that should be ashamed of their public life. One should advise the decent ones like Mrs. Priscilla Kuye, Mr. Sam Amuka and some very few others to resist being exploited for the protection of ill-acquired estates by some other vested interests. This group is playing on the intelligence of Nigerians. Who made them judges over Nigerian affairs? What do they know about Nigeria? Some of us from our teens have been in the struggle for the liberation of Nigeria from colonialism and now neo-imperialism. So we are opposed to the obscene wealth of some so-called leaders who used public office to enrich themselves. Abdulsalami Abubakar must have ruled Nigeria in accidental circumstances, but that does not make him an authority in governance. Why was that talk that the president should govern? Perhaps, what he knows mostly about government is award of contracts for projects not budgeted for in the annual estimates. These people should allow sleeping dogs to lie to save provoking the anger of Nigerians who are groaning from the after-effects of the looting and pillaging that characterised government in the last 20 years.

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Why they are trying to fault Buhari’s approach, the common man is appreciating the steps the President has taken so far. The Ogoni people in Rivers and communities in Bayelsa are savouring their new plight for the better. Someone, at last, has come to restore their environment to habitability and also provide needed jobs for their children after more than half a century of despoliation. What did Abubakar and Olusegun Obasanjo provide to improve the lot of those people besides taking oil from their land and polluting their waters?

The refineries that were rendered idle after billions of dollars were paid for their repairs in vain are now coming back to life through the matured approach of Buhari.

One leader scandalously awarded the turn-around-maintenance of some of those refineries to a former Julius Berger driver and an engineering firm that does not specialise in oil production. Whereas refineries, like power stations, are customised, and as such should be maintained by the builders, as is the tradition, the rule was bent in some of the regimes Nigeria was consigned to serve under force. Is that governance?

The performance in office of some of the so-called “peace apostles” is not to be recommended as precedent because it offends public morality. Most of the people gallivanting and pronouncing on how to rule Nigeria are infants in politics. They have not the foggiest idea about what to do for Nigeria and how to achieve it. We were part of the building of the Nigeria they destroyed with their new-fangled World Bank/IMF ideas. We had our peculiar programme that made Nigeria a middle-level industrial power before the arrival of these fake experts and we were admired by the Lee Kuan Yews and Mohammed Mahitris. One watches the annual rituals of the so-called economic society and is amused as the participants quote and consume alien thoughts without offering any originality. After reciting irrelevant theories, they go to dine with the President, leaving us for another year without any impact on the grave situation facing the country. The speakers will oppose subsidy as if America, China, India, Japan, Germany, France, Brazil and other industrial nations do not subsidise agriculture, transportation and such municipal functions like electricity, water and recreation. What a crass lack of creativity. The World Bank/IMF told us to scrap our marketing boards, whereas America, China, India, Germany, France and others pay heavily to protect production, including stockpiling of produce and essential goods. We foolishly obeyed them and destroyed the groundnuts pyramids, the legendary palm oil fields, cocoa plantations and rubber industries. They told us to open our gates to all sorts of goods without protection and we emasculated our bourgeoning medium-sized factories that produced for West and Central Africa, to be replaced by Chinese goods. And the result today is 80 per cent poverty and 70 per cent unemployment in terms of constructive standard of living. And we also destroyed our infrastructures pioneered by our founding fathers and Yakubu Gowon. With these types of peacemakers, one does not need more enemies. They are fighting to keep their ill-gotten wealth and so Buhari be warned that once beaten twice shy.

Buhari needs to start a real moral re-armament campaign like WAI successfully, to prepare the people ready to resist the forces of evil that have ripped ragged what used to be the beautiful raiment of Nigeria. It is not the Professor Itse Sagay-type of War Against Corruption. What one suggested before was an all-embracing movement to counter the forces of evil. It is not meant for the ivory tower but for the hoi polloi.

One is surprised at the continuing false steps of Bishop Matthew Kukah of the Sokoto Catholic Diocese in his pronouncements. Has he not purged himself of his association with Obasanjo, which made us to clash sometime ago?

All the holy books, though they preach forgiveness, admonish against evil deeds. I am a Catholic whose family has been part of the faith for far more than 100 years. My father was born in 1892 and he was once a seminarian. Jesus Christ punished evildoers and profanity. He made a whip and drove those who were turning his father’s house to a den of thieves from the temple. He forgave Maria of Magdala her many sins because she repented. May I know whether Kukah would tell a thief to keep his loot at confession? Why do we Catholics do penance? Bishop Kukah is intelligent and active but tends to be deceived by the appearances of some so-called peacemakers.

Let it be understood that Goodluck Jonathan could not have stayed a day longer than May 29, 2015 at Aso Villa with his head on his neck after Attahiru Jega pronounced Buhari winner of the last presidential election. If he did, it would have been treason. Don’t joke with a mobilised Nigeria. Obasanjo can testify to such circumstances. Kukah should shut his trap on Jonathan because their involvement was suspect and loaded with vested personal interests by some in the group who have questions to answer on thievery and illegal acquisition of wealth through fleecing the treasury.

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This Abdulsalami Abubakar crowd is insulting Buhari and not advising him by giving the impression that the President violates rights and also is given to injustice. What brand of troubleshooters thou art? One is not surprised because in the crowd are elements that should be ashamed of their public life

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