Buhari’s Blow Against Women

Buhari’s Blow Against Women.

Buhari’s Blow Against Women.

He returned some weeks ago, with incisive comments on project Nigeria, its leaders and the people. Nosa Igiebor, president of Tell Communications Ltd, did not really go anywhere. It was just that the challenges of business management and editorial control took much of his time.

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Now, it is official that he is back with The Report, a column that promises critical analysis of issues in the news. It is an icing on the cake in efforts to repackage your darling magazine. The Report is yet another variety, in the league of Random Jottings, a weekly column written by Ayodele Akinkuotu, editor-in-chief, since 2011 with a unique approach to issues in the land and Globally Frank, written by Ben Lawrence, a veteran who calls a spade by no other name. Lawrence is one columnist you love to read, even when you do not agree with him on an issue.

Having witnessed a lot, he could see, with the wisdom of age and practice, that certain things are not the way they should be. He writes with the passion of a patriot who wants the glory of a poorly led country to return as it was in that age when selfless leaders held sway. They, and some others, will take you through attempts at cautioning leaders against taking the dangerous path to descent.

So what is in the news? The major news in town last week was the screening of ministerial nominees by the Senate. By the close of the week, 18 of the 36 nominees had been cleared by the upper house. The others are expected to take their turn this week. But what the magazine looked at is the number of women in the proposed cabinet in comparison to what obtained in the not-too-distant past. Whatever happened to the Beijing declaration? Tajudeen Suleiman, senior associate editor, writes the story, Buhari’s Blow Against Women.

On the alternate cover is the story of the economic summit held in Abuja last week. Tony Manuaka, senior associate editor wrote the story, Economy: Again, Singing The Old Tune.

Do have a blessed week.


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