Autopsy Report Exonerates Enogie of Complicity in Death of Eight Months Old Pregnant Mistress

The Edo State Police Command on Wednesday released the autopsy report of one Faith Aigbe whose corpse was found abandoned in the vehicle of Enogie of Uroho, Iguodala Ogieriakhi at the premises of Edo Specialist Hospital, Benin on September 10, 2021. She was eight months pregnant. The autopsy, conducted by former police pathologist, and retired assistant inspector-general of police, Dr. Wilson Akhiwu, cleared Ogieriarkhi of culpability in the controversial death of the 27-year-old Aigbe.

Spokesman of the Command, Kontongs Bello said: “Today September 22, 2021, the Edo State Police Command wishes to inform the public of the autopsy of one Faith Aigbe who died in the house of his boyfriend, Enogie of Uroho, Iguodala Ogieriakhi .

“He was suspected to have killed his girlfriend who was eight months pregnant. But after series of investigation and the autopsy from the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, (UBTH) reveals the cause of death and signed by Dr. Wilson Akhiwu.

“The autopsy result reads: That the cause of death is Hemorrhage, shock, ruptured tubal Ectopic gestation with massive Hemoperitoneum. These are the things that the medical personnel said led to her death. So we are using this opportunity to let the public know the cause of the death”.

A clarification by a medical expert who spoke to Tell on the actual cause of death based on the autopsy report, revealed that Aigbe had an ectopic pregnancy which means “the foetus stayed where it was not supposed to be and that place was too tiny. So, as the pregnancy was growing, it got to a time that it outgrew the space. It ruptured where it stayed so it led to massive internal bleeding causing her death”.

Given the allegation and counter-allegation that trailed Aigbe’s death, the inference from the autopsy report is that there was no abortion. The Enogie had accused the family of the deceased of forcing her to abort her eight months pregnancy because the mother was opposed to her marrying him, while the mother on the other hand accused the Enogie of killing her daughter because she did not want to marry him, and therefore demanded justice.

Given this development, the hitherto embattled Enogie is now off the hook. According to Kontongs, “Based on this report, it shows that the Enogie may not have been culpable of the crime the family of the deceased accused him of committing and the police will consider him for bail”.

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