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Moringa Oleifera – the Miracle Plant

Moringa Oleifera – the Miracle Plant

It has come to be known the world over as a “miracle plant’, so much so that it is used as food as well as medical remedy. Called Moringa oleifera, its seeds, which are edible in both fresh and dry forms, for centuries, is a popular traditional Indian medicine. This plant, contain vitamins A, B,

The World’s First Electric Plane

When in April 2014, Airbus Group through SAS, its aircraft manufacturing division, introduced the first E-Fan aircraft in a YouTube video, not a few wondered about the viability of the project. How can an aircraft be powered by electric? But the group proved it could achieve the feat of completely switching to renewable energy, as

Benefits of Echinacea

For many people, the fear of cold is the beginning of wisdom. And any preventive or curative treatment is therefore welcome. For this category of people, who may not have heard of echinacea despite its popularity, news of its efficacy is coming at the right time. Echinacea is a well-known herb, especially for the treatment

Pine Pollen: The Secret of Longevity

  Ever heard of pine pollen? Well, it is one of nature’s premier superfoods, which contains natural testosterone, in addition to androgens. Pine pollen benefits are well known these days in the “superfood world” as a nutritive adaptogen tonic powder collected from various pine tree species and consumed as a dietary supplement. Containing both testosterone

South African Surgeons Perform World’s First Penis Transplant

A team of South African surgeons has performed the world’s first successful penis transplant in a marathon nine-hour operation, Stellenbosch University, announced on Friday. The operation, led by Prof André van der Merwe, head of the university’s Division of Urology, was performed in December 2014 at Tygerberg Hospital in Bellville, Cape Town, the university said.

Waiting on Hope

Although she is 14, Prudence Unaidet has stopped growing and remains bedridden in the last 12 years. Now she needs help from public-spirited Nigerians to be able to live a normal life   She knew she had company, but the tiny teenager on the bed could not focus on her visitors. Her stiff arms and

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