Airline Passenger Detained over WiFi Name

A Southwest Airlines passenger has been arrested at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Washington, for naming his WiFi hotspot “Bomb on Board.”

Passengers on Flight 3677 heading to Denver were waiting to depart on Thursday September 11 when they noticed someone on the plane had named his WiFi hotspot “Southwest – Bomb on Board.”

The man whose name has not been disclosed as at press time for security reasons later changed his WiFi hotspot’s name to “Bomb Location 19E”.

“He also changed it to something about the stewardess being hot,” said Ken Saldi, another passenger aboard the flight.

The airport security personnel were not willing to take the risk and the man behind the network names was detained. Passengers were then taken off the plane and their bags were re-screened before the flight was able to continue its trip to Denver.

Southwest Airlines authority said the pilot made the decision to report the potential security threat.

A Port of Seattle representative said the man is still in custody while his identity and the possible charges against him were not released.

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