Accreditation Troubles in Ojodu

Ojodu2Intending voters lament at one of the polling units in Ojodu area of Lagos as one of the presiding officers said accreditation will end soon and voting will commence by 1.30pm.

Hearing this, many intending voters who are yet to be accredited began to shout No!

They argued that the INEC officials came late. Some of them also complained of disorderliness as they have been on the queue for hours yet they haven’t been able to get to the front of the queue.

Biola Anjorin, a business woman said, “I have been on the queue for hours, and yet the officials are saying accreditation will end in the next 30 minutes. It’s so frustrating.

“We have been here since 8:00am and till now I have not done accreditation. I plead on INEC that this should not happen in the governorship election,” said Aluko Sunday, a pastor.

The policemen are however trying to calm the people down. Some of the polling units have however ended accreditation and waiting for voting to commence.

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