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Fighting Boko Haram Is Tough – US Ambassador

Fighting Boko Haram Is Tough – US Ambassador

Imagine a diplomat dressed in military fatigues, with the protective jungle boots and a Kalashnikov firing through the pages of this edition in your hand. Wait a minute, our guest in this week’s interview is not a military man, and he does not pretend to be one. What he shares with the men in uniform

Can Buhari Change Nigeria?

The All Progressives Congress, APC, presents him as the leading agent of change that Nigeria needs at this time. Critics look at his past and doubt if he can truly deliver the change. Like him or not, General Muhammadu Buhari, the APC candidate for the 2015 presidential election is one man Nigerians cannot but talk

Austerity: Too Little, Too Late

This week’s edition is with the cover story that looks into the tokenism contained in the austerity measures announced by the federal government to tackle the looming economic crisis, occasioned by the dwindling prices of crude oil, the sole plank on which the economy is built. It is titled Austerity: Too Little, Too Late. Just as

APC’s War of Attrition

                    The issue of who emerges as the Presidential standard bearer of the All Progressives Congress, APC, for the February 2015 Presidential elections is one that is generating a lot of interests among Nigerians. And the reason for such interest is not far-fetched. Friends and foes

Condemned Mutineers: Our Sons Must Not Die – Families

Last week, Nigerians expected two victories. And it was apparent that politicians would have rehearsed how to celebrate, for each one of them was worth dancing for. But whatever celebrations planned for the expected breakthroughs had to be mellowed because only one of them fell through. The World Health Organisation declared Nigeria Ebola free. It

Taming Hurricane Ebola and other Matters

The lead story in the coming edition of TELL is about the headache that the world carries at the moment. The burden that makes all governments and major organisations combine forces to fight a common threat: Ebola Virus Disease, EVD. Apart from being the worst outbreak since the virus was discovered in 1976, the problem

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