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The President and His Style

The President and His Style – Some years ago, a colleague went to a law firm to seek the views of the head of chamber, a senior member of the Nigerian bar who holds a doctorate in law. On the visitor’s form, the journalist had asked to see ‘Mr… (name withheld)’ and sat back expecting

Can Buhari Solve the Subsidy Logjam?

The fuel scarcity that started towards the end of last month lingered last week, thus increasing stress to the pockets and the health of Nigerians. The tango between petroleum products marketers and the outgoing government even compounded the pains on the people. This is because it remains unresolved, and that with little consideration for consumers

Media: The Buhari Albatross

How long did it take you to buy fuel into your car last week? And, at what cost, time and money? Now, how much of that hard-earned fuel did you burn in unnecessary traffic jam, much of it caused by queues at the few filling stations dispensing fuel? It is a cycle; we were at

PDP: At Daggers Drawn

PDP: At Daggers Drawn is our cover for the week. Now, part of the response of the leaders of PDP to the loss at the polls is the possibility of a conspiracy within its rank and file. Sam Oyovbaire, former minister of information, who shares the conspiracy theory, however says the loss is a sacrifice

How Jega Was Rescued

There were people who were of the opinion that if the first leg of the general elections held last Saturday February 14, as originally scheduled; there would be a lot of controversy in the air this week. The election did not hold, but the noise about why the timetable needed readjustment did not subside. Attahiru

Can He Be Second Term Lucky?

Lai Mohammed, national publicity secretary, All Progressives Congress, APC is one politician political opponents love to hate. Monday, last week, a team of TELL journalists kept an appointment at Mohammed’s Lagos residence. The outcome of that encounter is the special interview in this edition, ‘We Will Reform the Military.’ But that is not the cover

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