Evergreen Initiative to The Rescue

Nigeria is facing a severe destitution crisis which undermines the economic growth and well-being of its citizens. This issue of severe poverty has been connected with illiteracy on so many levels and while the country has made considerable progress in promoting primary and secondary school education there is still a long way to go as over 13.2 million children are out of school with 60 percent of them girls.  

In 2017, a group of young professionals established the SUMMER SCHOOL FOR INTERNALLY DISPLACED PERSONS, IDPs, project to provide quality basic education for internally displaced children.  

After three years of running the summer school for IDPs, the summer school has provided quality basic education for over 300 children, skill acquisition training for not less than 100 of them, trained and engaged over 75 community volunteers who have helped in implementing this project over the years.  

This project further evolved the Evergreen Scholarship Trust Fund which provides academic scholarships for internally displaced and vulnerable children. 

By this, you have the opportunity to take a child to school today. You can TAKE ACTION NOW https://evergreenngo.org/estf/

As an organization we believe education is the key which unlocks human potential, it provides hope for the most disadvantaged and marginalized in the society and gives courage to keep striving for a better future.

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