Election: Cost of Commodities Increase in Ekiti

As Nigerians prepare for the General elections on Saturday, residents of Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, are witnessing hike in the price of food stuff, which can be attributed to panic buying.

Bola Kuku, a resident, informed TELL that cost of rice, cassava flour and semovita among others have increased by about 30 per cent.

She stated that the development is as a result of high demand for the food items. According to her, the demand increased because people are scared that the presidential election results will not be announced on time if certain parties are not pleased.

“Our people should stop the rush because there will be peace before, during and after the elections. Unlike what happened during the June 21 governorship election last year, the environment is not tensed. There should be no cause for alarm,” she added.

But market women argued that the prices had gone up in the last two weeks and that it has nothing to do with election.

Sumbo Afolabi, a retailer in Ayodele Fayose market, says “We can not increase cost of commodities just based on demand but also based on the cost of transportation.”

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