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Pregnancy Without Tears

Pregnancy Without Tears

  For many couples, achieving pregnancy can be a climb to Mount Kilimanjaro. Aspiring parents sometimes face stiff challenges like low sperm count, blocked tubes, ovarian cysts and ovulation problems among others.   Lisa Olson, a Chinese health consultant and former infertility patient, has been there. But after finally giving birth to two children at

Mandela Invites the World

A good number of world leaders are being expected to gather this weekend in South Africa to give their last respect to Nelson Mandela, former president of the country and the man who led the struggle for a free South Africa.   Mandela, fondly called Madiba by friends and loved ones or Tata, meaning father,

Property Scandal: The Untold Story

It is a classic case of the hunter becoming the hunted. At least, that is the impression that was etched on the minds of many who followed the recent Senate inquest into allegations of corruption levelled against the nation’s embassy in the United States, US. As a matter of fact, in contention was an allegation

The Watermelon Wonder

One of the myths children are often told is that when they eat watermelon seeds (or seed from any other fruit), such fruits would grow in their stomach. However, recent researches have shown that the entire watermelon can be consumed, including flesh, seeds and rind. The seeds have in fact been found to have nutritional

Nelson Mandela: A Lesson in Leadership

This week, specifically on Thursday, July 18, the world will once again literally stand still for at least 67 minutes in honour of Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s anti-apartheid struggle hero and former president of post-apartheid South Africa.   On that day, the world will unite to mark the birthday of Mandela, a world revered African

Amaechi: Jonathan’s Dangerous Gamble

The Presidency’s unrelenting efforts to rein in Chibuike Amaechi, Rivers State governor, at all costs pose some threats to President Goodluck Jonathan’s 2015 ambition   As the political horse-trading climaxed for the election of a new leader for the Nigerian Governors Forum, NGF, last week, governors strove hard to stave off an extant, but not

Tackling The Common Flood

Through a lecture on flood control, the Lagos State University seeks a permanent solution to perennial flooding in Lagos   In recent years, excessive rainfalls have caused devastating flooding in some parts of Lagos, Ibadan, Ogun and Jos, destroying properties and resulting in loss of lives. The incidents are perennial and past efforts at combating

“Jonathan thinks insecurity is a northern affair”

There is unease in the country and this is manifesting in several ways. There are security issues in different parts of the country, and many are also calling for state police, national conference, revenue sharing formula and so on. Do you think the government is handling the pressure rightly? First of all if you ask

The Healthy Side of Snail

Snails are more than just garden pests. If they have ever garnished your meal, then you must have had a feel of their juicy taste. But more than the taste, scientists have recently concluded that making snails part of your regular diet is one way of boosting one’s immune system.   Consider its slime for

How Technology Ruin Kids

If you are a parent, then you need to read this. The allure of new communication technologies is taking a debilitating toll on the socialisation prospects of today’s kids. According to latest research findings in Britain, an average child will spend a huge chunk of their precious summer holidays staring at a screen. Because of

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