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Now, Big Brother Is Here

Now, Big Brother Is Here

Change can do a lot of good, just as it can do a lot of bad. Nigerians, or a majority of them, clamoured for change after enduring a heavy dose of PDP-fatigue. And change, they got. But it has come at a huge cost. Today, a palpable air of despondency envelopes the country, and the

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Say It Again, Baba

To many people who only see him from a distance, President Olusegun Obasanjo is an enigma, and to others he is a busybody who criticises every government except the ones he headed. It is now President Mohammadu Buhari’s turn to taste the scathing tongue of the “Oracle of Abeokuta”. It seems he has run out

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America And The Rest Of Us

Every four years, the whole world watches in awe or disgust as Americans choose their next president. We, billions of us, watch because the American president is the de facto leader of the world. In 2008 and 2012, a global audience was enthralled by “America’s exceptionalism”, as a country with an unsavoury history of slavery

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Big Daddy and The Prodigal Sons

  Failure is never a disaster. It is just another window of fresh opportunity to a new beginning. That is if you recognise it and grab it with both hands. So the latest circle of Nigeria’s economic boom-to-burst is not the end of the world for a country notorious for gross mismanagement of its affairs.

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New Wailer, The Siege And The Shiites

There is no fury like that of a woman crossed the wrong way. Aisha Buhari, the beautiful, thoroughly modern wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, reminded us all, of this old axiom, when she literally went thermonuclear in an unrestrained assessment of her husband’s scorecard. His administration, she said in her now famous BBC Hausa Service

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Saving The Naira

It is now eons ago that the Naira was a respectable and widely accepted currency. It did not only exude strength, it had the purchasing power that was the envy of many African countries. Even though it was not a convertible currency, you could take it anywhere in Africa, Europe and the Americas and spend

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The Game Of Phantom Numbers

In his four bids for the presidency, Muhammadu Buhari had made it clear that his first priority, if he got elected, would be to take on the pervasive corruption in public service head-on. He has not disappointed the millions of Nigerians who see him as the no-nonsense Big Sheriff, who can tame the scourge of

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Wike’s Ultimate Redemption

Nobody saw it coming. Now the Supreme Court has unambiguously signalled its intention to bring sanity into the judicial process particularly in respect of election matters. The Election Tribunals and the Court of Appeal were threatening to turn election litigations into a circus and drag the entire judiciary into disrepute by their contradictory and legally

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Deflation Of The Amazon

Nigerian politics is a zero-sum game. And it defines the attitude of most of our politicians who operate with the mindset of ‘it’s me or nobody’. This is why our politics are not just war by another means, they are real wars fought with a take-no-prisoners temperament. No state graphically exemplifies this scorched-earth approach more

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A Messiah And His War

As the drama of the war against corruption heightens, so it is getting more curious. Some good number of high-profile members of the PDP have been charged to court for money laundering. All the funds they allegedly laundered came from one source: the “$2.1 billion” that was under the control of Sambo Dasuki, former national