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Objection! Mister Magu

Objection! Mister Magu

It is as sure as the coming of light after darkness that Jonson Ojogbane, an assistant director at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has landed the anti-corruption agency in some kind of storm. While representing Ibrahim Magu, his boss at a hearing at the House of Representatives last week, Ojogbane declared that corruption was

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Ondo Must Not Boil

Governor Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State is only working part-time these days. What with his temporary relocation to Abuja. Anyway, after seven and a half years in office, and according to him, “having put good governance on the table”, the State can surely run on auto-pilot. However, right now he is one sure harassed governor

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Why Corruption is The Norm Here

Is there a country in the world that is free of corruption? Certainly, no! Thus corruption in Nigeria’s public life is not an island. However, some peculiar traits give the perpetration of corruption in our country a character all its own. One, the scale of the looting of government coffers is mind-boggling. Imagine the claim


No Friend Like Aisha

Et tu Aisha! That is likely President Muhammadu Buhari’s first reaction to the blows his wife delivered to his solar plexus in that BBC interview. All efforts made to “kill” its being broadcast failed. That serves the President right. After all, his wife is following his footsteps. Buhari  has a predilection for granting interviews to

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“Mosquitoes” of the Niger Delta

  There is a Yoruba adage about the mosquito. As minute as it is, it can cause monumental damage when it perches on a man’s scrotal sac. Any man who suffers such “indignity”, that is the visit of the mosquito on his scrotum, has to exercise a lot of restraint in exterminating it. Thus, the

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These Times Call For Servant-Leaders

A gentleman who refused to disclose his name called last week after reading this Column’s “Mr. President, May Your Road Be Rough!” While he liked it, he wondered if that was not a curse. No, we pointed out that it was in fact meant to alert the incumbent to the thorns and dark tunnels ahead.

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Mr. President, May Your Road Be Rough!

More than 50 years ago, a much older friend of mine was so thrilled by an article written by late Tai Solarin. The gist of the article was an advice to Solarin’s son on how to forge a way out of life. He was said to have ended that piece with a prayer, “May your

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Testing Nigerians’ Patience

Once they get to power, African leaders are fond of treating their people with disdain. After all what can they do until the next election? Nothing. Thus the people, in the face of extreme provocation behave like goats. But, those who have witnessed it, because it is a rare occurrence, know that goats can rebel.

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The Road Badly Abused

Talk of hope deferred, and the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway is one. In July 2013, long-suffering Nigerians heaved a sigh of relief as former President Goodluck Jonathan flagged off the rehabilitation of the 135-kilometre road. The N167 billion contract, granted as a Concession to Motorways Assets Limited, was split between Julius Berger and RCC; completion period was 48

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History That Shapes Our Future

In the heat of the pro-Biafra agitations late last year, many Nigerians must have wondered whether the country would relive part of its history once again. That is, considering the zeal and determination with which members of the Indigenous People of Biafra went about denouncing the Nigerian State, it looked as if it was just