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How Not To Train A Child

A colleague once told the story of a lady who visited a friend of hers. The friendhad a daughter that is about 8 years old andhad also ‘employed’ a house girl who is about the age of her daughter. The visitor noticed that while her friend’s daughter was in the living room watching television, the

A Second Look At Mothers-in-Law

By: Oluwafemi Adejuwon Ladies, can we take another look at the often controversial issue of mothers-in-law and how some ladies awfully dread them? Some of these fears are valid based on personal experiences and of others whose stories we have read or heard. These experiences have been passed from one lady to the other and

Evils That Nannies Do

I doubt if anyone would see the video and not be shocked. It showed how a housemaid in Uganda brutalized a baby left in her care. In fact, I was, to say the least, shell-shocked seeing the video. It was both horrific and terrifying and it kept me wondering, why would a woman, expected to